Beats,Bars & Burgers at House of H

Unique Street Feels on 112 Loop Street


House of H has its own unique street feel atmosphere. Unpretentious to the bone,basted just like its burgers & steaks,with family values . This Mom & Pop joint puts a new spin on nowadays cool. On entry you’ll be dazzled by the mix matched decor.Quietly working staff. The smells from the open plan kitchen cum salad bar.All a literal feast to the eyes.Always a vibe.Not news cafe vibe, no, more well oiled machine,running well but rushing no where. It’s why I keep going back. My cravings own me ,whether it’s a stack of ribs after boxing or a filler throughout my busy days in the city.What I cherish  most about this space is the food isn’t compromised by the surrounding.It’s good quality meals served in a way you want,simple but flavor unlike any other.A South African standard.


It’s A Family Affair
The decor alone belongs to the super women mom Poppie (Christina ) who runs the spot with legend of a man Chef H (Heinrich ) who’s fully involved in the food ,creating new flavors daily.So there’s always a surprise or two on the fresh menu .Together this level headed couple run this joint down to the last drink served,along with some help from their friends & family.Yes you’ll meet their kids traversing round the establishment but you’ll be privy to a well run family business who’s ethic revolves around family values and actual togetherness.


Oyster Burger (left) & Cheese Burger (right) with salads & sides


H’s House Flavor
Central to the nerve of the city, this space makes me want to keep going  back, if only to quiet my rumbling tummy. What you get is so much more.If you travel a couple of floors up, you’ll be treated to a view of Lionshead & Table Mountain. The business of the city juxtaposed with the chilled atmosphere of H’s House. If there on a day when Francsesco is behind the bar, you may be rewarded with some of his super well thought out cocktails but be warned this Barmen comes with his own brand of attitude ;)) There I said it! House gin. House wine. House beer. House Of H. Just enquire on the offerings. House of H is known for their well aged steaks & South African favorites like ribs.Rump & rib eye.Served in the least generic environment.The video will give you a break down of the cooking style & basting techniques.I kept it simple this time round to keep the meat lovers & mushy veggie munchers happy & it’s a meal for under a R150 if you’re ordering a burger with sides & a drink.The newly renovated rooftop will keep you well occupied for after work drinks – be warned this place is set to flame this summer – it will be busy, so book ahead but do yourself a favor and savor the flavor at House of H.
*Huge thanks to Hayward Barends for putting me on. I Haven’t been able to stop going since your birthday invite *



Took us a minute but we did the damn thing , huge thanks to MZU & JOHNNY FILTER for the track Justice (JUST US ) , Conrad Bester You Rock ! Of course House of H , we crushing hard on you.
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    Wow!!!! you have a great eye for detail and your writing really captures the essence of the place

  • Sivu

    February 12, 2019 at 8:27 am Reply

    Dope read.

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