Platform09: Out to graze with NguniCapeTown

Platform09: Out to graze with NguniCapeTown

It’s so good to be back focusing on Platform09. Finally the time to share what I’ve been working on. When you combine this design duo,simply called Shezi&Louw .Balance occurs in that she’s the female to his male,the ying to his yang mixed with similar backgrounds & upbringings in their youth,a love for South African culture and now your out grazing with NguniCapeTown.

When I reached out to Thokozani & Anja, with the notion to shoot some of their pieces for Platform09, I was rewarded with a polite reply to meet and soon after, the full men’s range arrived at my door. Bliss , when you’ve had your eye on who you’d like to Colab with next because it just ‘feels right ‘ & your rewarded with pure South African gold . Attention to detail and classic design with a distinctive African twist . If you’ve had your eye on my Insta , you’ll have seen me rolling The Valley of a 1000 hills with Nguni cows and back again in Cape Town at the beach or at da club. I was gifted some pieces from the unreleased ladies range , so no worries there Ladies, a piece of the Nguni pride can be your’s 🙂

Back to the men’s range , I called up my friend , Zolani to see if he’d like to shoot with the range.This multi talented South African actor and singer has a stage presence and proud African swag I felt would work well & with Conrad Bester on photography , pure trust whenever we work together & always an adventure with Jenna on lighting, heading through to Durbanville chasing the sun. The result was truly authentic .

You need sprawling hills to showcase the pure African genuine design in this dynamic duos new menswear range . Basic T’s and hoodies with that almost geometric Nguni cow print on the left corner or blast across the chest . Fresh white , navy, olive and mustard all aligned against basic design backdrops . With a twist in design or print , each piece has its own pleasure point or color block , not to bright,not too in your face but solid design and wearable fabrics . Comfortable and classy but cool . Each garment has been made with the least amount of carbon footprint on the earth . All locally made, with a consistent ‘in house’ approach.You feel the literal comman threads of this design teams background flow into the clothing effortlessly.Quality garments locally made,feast your eyes and enjoy the graze with NguniCapeTown , keep your eyes open , you’ll see the Nguni pride around your city,available at MindOverMatter in Durban & select outlets in Cape Town or hit up the team Shezi&Louw for your piece of  NguniCapeTown & wear it with Pride 🙂 It’s good to be people of the south,which if your wondering is what Nguni means..

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