PLATFORM09 | PERONI SUNDAY | Private Edition 01

The Soulful Setting ..

Dij the Dj starting the Afternoon off just right ..

Fortune favored me, when I was invited to #PeroniSundays #PrivateEditon , I donned a red & navy tartan shirt slip dress for warmth, black knee high boots and Stone trench with my grey & black woolen Peak hat .Winter meets #PeroniSundays which turned into a summer day.Now you may think twice about heading out on a Sunday afternoon but this event was so chilled and easy to be there. What made the difference for me , was the abundance of Really Good People or in Peroni speak ‘ #Amici ‘.With enough time to network in a different way,the intimate setting at “No Name Bar” took very well to a day event. Discovering new people and old Amici cramped ever so slightly along the balcony outside , really allowed for a closeness & ease of conversation, with an eclectic mix of music & people throughout the afternoon.Main Road in Sea Point has never seemed cooler.

It was all just sublime ,to some who’d never been there,something new with a different point of view all to do with this special brew aptly called #PeroniPrivateEdition.Was pleasantly surprised to have tried the Madonna Unwooded Chardonnay & meet the dynamic man behind the brand Zè Nogueira as well.A rich well rounded flavor, hailing from Wellington, with loads of light berry undertones.Yummy surprise at a beer event,why not? This was #PeroniSundays , something for everyone of course .

With Madonna Wines Zé Nogueira & Brendan James Macleod

With Madonna Wines Zé Nogueira & Brandon James Mcleod

The Music for Mains ..

Aaaah where do I start , the music was really epic guys. With loads of international influence there was this original African feel to it all , from Dij the DJ’s opening set ,calm & easy beats perfect for conversing , to DinoLive lightly drumming through his upbeat chill set . Preparing us for the gift, to come in the form of an amazing band I’m so over the moon at discovering The Lana Crowster Band.Check out my insta handle for some dope video footage of their performance @imaanmacq


The Focus on Fashion ..

To top this all off , I can officially say that Checks & tartans in all fashion forms where the order of the day but my personal ‘Best Dressed’ had to have been The Fashion Company’s Designer Wayne Govender & Colin Schouw in striking Red & Snake skin Blazers on a backdrop of white jeans & t’s. My Goodness guys ! So stylish,the ‘slay’ was completed with Zè ‘s Tartan blazer,with a clear sign that ‘The Fashion Company’ came to leave their mark and that they did . Well done Gentleman . Such a pleasure to the eye. It wasn’t too over the top , the clean design elements made the bold fabrics work. Making Sunday dressing look effortless. Once the sun went down tho’ we were compelled to the dance floor by the jazzy beats of DJ Castro. I danced more than I have in long time friends . Such was the throw down of this DJ’s set . Total crackaaaaaa of a #PeroniPrivateEdition & I even tried NY Slice pizzas at the end of the night,their veg pizza wasn’t bad at all.From what I remember.All in all , my Monday is good ,coz my Sunday was swell . Jazz , fashion , Ahhhhmazing people and #PeroniPrivateEdition of course . Trust when the #TheBeerMerchant Sivu Nobu calls,you best answer. Such will be the upliftment of your day. There is a musical evolution I’ve been privy too & I’m so glad to be along for the ride. Local talent & amazing South Africans doing amazing things , giving me life 🙂 Be well & have a great week peeps .

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    July 25, 2017 at 11:20 am Reply


  • Ruben Collin

    July 26, 2017 at 7:26 am Reply

    A swell Sunday indeed. And so is the capture!

    • Imaan Mac Quena

      July 26, 2017 at 11:10 am Reply

      Thank you for reading , it’s appreciated:)

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