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I know I’ve been quiet. Just realized after 2016, that I’d started this project in another country / being home and seeing the power of the Platform09 and the positive impact & feedback, really got my juices flowing while keeping me sufficiently shit scared at the same time. So I’d like to intro the new site to all of you, whether you’ve followed me before or had your eye on my FB page, insta, thank you. I’m getting better, at all of it 🙂

Platform09 is a space for creatives who need to shed light on their chosen art form, this space caters for the DO it Yourselfers, bare in mind our interests are firmly planted in the streets. This is an open honest space to learn and introduce you to new things both undiscovered, alternative and to propel the creatives who choose to work with Platform09 forward. Through creating awareness and detailing personal stories .Fashion focused , with a flair for travel, you can get on or step off wherever you choose. Regardless of the current dark cloud rumbling with our thoughts, South Africans have choice Always. Remember this during the next rant.


Quick recap of what 2017 has already offered , with my year kick starting off at one of the dopest hip hop gatherings at Uppercut Friday’s at The Waiting  room. Relevant because it was my first foray into the city in awhile. What a weekend in Cape Town. Friday eve at UPPERCUT in Long street hosts their unique vibe , musically their pimp game is strong & with due respect , Uppercut has been the home of hip hop in Cape Town on a Friday night for years now. Not that snarky commercial stuff, nah! I’m talking ’bout that real old school get down & sweaty hip hop, the real stuff now. Alvhin & Steph make is so. Without question hands down, the only place where the street has a sound for sure. This particular UPPERCUT saw ‘RedBull BCOnes ‘ Dj down from Zurich, throw some beats down for some of CapeTowns main dance crew. Was one of this perfect Friday nights though, town was busy, the girls were pretty & the boys were bursting for attention.

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