QueensPlate | Dope to Dapper | Platform09

Queens Plate | Restaurant | Dope to Dapper | Platform09

Then Saturday rolled round & we went from Dope to Dapper. So my Person & I were considering a lazy one in after being UPPERCUT so hard (see what I did there 🙂 but A busy Saturday rolled round & the need to don dapper blue & white for the rather swishy Lormarins Queens Plate.

Now you’ll hear loads of opinions on the generally classy ness of which horse race is the more prestigious or even commercial but as a first timer to this beautiful event, I must say . I enjoyed. Yes the Stud Club tent was a little scary , I mean busy… due to the general debauchery of most ,drunk blue & white is not attractive I tell you but trying ‘other tents’ brought better results. I found the event the Perfect catch-up playground.

Queens Plate | Restaurant | Dope to Dapper | Platform09

Met with so many familiar faces, friends & even followers , thank you for saying hello to me . From all over the country, with some horse racing for good measure , let’s play catch up in this setting , basically . Well then let’s 🙂 Fun was had by all with some dodgy comments from people not accustomed to change , ignored & for those who stayed for Euphonik , some bum shaking was definitely had.

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