P.09 EDITION 6 | Movenpick MAHARAJA EAST | Saudi Arabia


Al Khobar Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly one of the best meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, a fine dining experience with a difference. None of this, gastronomic flair one would expect from a Michelin chef, but down to earth goodness that Indian cuisine deserves. The opulence of the interior design, made me feel like being at The Taj. The service was quiet & unassuming, the waiters displaying a surety of quality & knowledge of dishes. They had no need to make a fuss or over explain, as it became clear the food will speak for itself. Course after course.

The decision to skip the starter was rewarded with a beautifully presented morsel from the kitchen (A lightly fried phyllo pastry with freshly cut vegetables, drizzled with a tangy savoury sauce), followed by an array of tradition I’m used to.

The spicy meant spicy & the fragrance, mouth watering. It all came together with a prawn Biryani to write home about, literally. Baked in pastry, the original old style way, in the traditional tandoor oven, followed by the simplicity of black dhall, thick with gravy & goodness.

… & what of the humble Allooo (patatoe ) pea curry, risen to the fair of kings, such flair & flavour…

One begs to be vegetarian with such Moorish goodness in the air . The chicken tikka breast done in tandoor has never been more tender or flavourful. served on a bed of polenta mash, with a whiff of rose water & the subtle sweetness of almonds as an undertone to its charred spicy ness. A classic case of quality over quantity but portions so generous to a tummy that enjoys being full.

My only regret being that I didn’t try dessert. I have an undercover sweet tooth that not many are aware of so I will definitely be returning for the Carrot Halwa. My favorite Indian delicacy back home and could very well prove to be my favorite in Saudi.


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