P.09 EDITION 5 | Movenpick Hotel Al-Khobar | Saudi Arabia

P.09 EDITION 5 | Movenpick Hotel Al-Khobar | Saudi Arabia


Movenpick Hotel Al-Khobar. A decidedly different hotel experience. One is immediately impressed by their unconventional policy to allow women to check in, without a male, in a country governed by Shariah Law (Islamic Law). Such forward thinking is a nod to a sign of the times, a hinting we’ve entered an accessible space. Which, yes, manages well to respect the culture yet avoids compromising on international guest relations and hospitality.

It’s the Islamic month of Ramadan and one is more than likely required to adapt to the ways of the people & their culture. Where days melt into night and every hour is well accounted for by prayer, fasting and feasting. Well, nothing new for a South African living in Cape Town used to keeping those moonlight hours, but of course, this is a holy celebration for very different reasons.

Being accustomed to hotel living, Im always looking to spot suprising details, I was pleasantly suprised as I was greeted with Gold in the form of life restoring AC, a priceless commodity out here in Saudi.

Temperatures regularly soar to 50 °C across the Kingdom and at any random time, day or night. Incredible. Which is why Movenpick Hotel Al Khobar greets with a smile, cool reprieve & the most beautiful flowers, showing God truly IS in the details. It’s a gentle respite from the heat & dust & a sight for sore eyes.

The passionately Swiss management style is evident in the everywhere. The interior design theme is gentle, caressing the mind, promoting care-free thinking & easy breathing. The spacious rooms, with shower & bath impress me because leisure business that prioritizes my comfort and aims to anticipate my needs with the small details, is a winner in my books. What can I say, I like to take a bath, it makes me feel good & SIZE does matter. Mine was perfect for my long legged self.

I’m going to volunteer this, good dreams come from good sheets & pillows. Now, while I don’t have time for thread counting, I do get passionate about the thread feel. Luxury is what Im looking to feel. I was at the right place. Best sleep I’ve had in a while. Just saying…

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