P.09 EDITION 4 | Part 2


Its 2016 and I’m still standing. Its been over a year and I can honestly say my first climb up Lions Head felt like the best experience ever. After all, what use is my Saggitarian staying power, with a taste for adventure, good for? While I’d grown used to staying in, I’d had more experience with VIP than I care to mention but wasn’t quite used to being MVP (For those of you not in the know, Most Valuable Player) for my own damn self, starring in my very own version of SuperBad? Bad ass get your ass up that Mountain version. When you live in one of the best cities in the world, Cape Town, it’s the only thing TO do.

P.09 EDITION 4 | Part 2

NOW I know what the free-fall feels like. Just like a Bloukrans bungi, just like a 12 month recovery. All feeling, like morning dew on your bare feet & then suspended… not really knowing If they’ll pull you up again … It takes a good fall to know where you stand, cause what materialises after that is ALL you!

P.09 EDITION 4 | Part 2

Experience Cape Town: www.capetownmagazine.com

I’ve had a lot of time to prepare for my new view, so to speak. I loved how my attention shifted to my wellness and my spirit. With my own company, my needs changed, my only priority at the time, being healing, and learning to see things differently. With this view and gratitude for my recovery, I felt compelled to let go of old stuff and find my own voice . That was the most empowering part.

P.09 EDITION 4 | Part 2

I felt centred again and motivated to use my energy, influence and knowledge to transform minds. To invest time into the lives of creative pioneers, art and self expression. Do it Yourselfers. Future game changers & self starters generate inspiration and excitement and I needed to discover that. That is what I’m going to introduce you to.

2015 was a time of believing, forgiving, remembering, but mostly receiving. So I set my course on working it out meticulously and with many doubts, NO DOUBT.

If you are reading Platform09, you have found me, where I belong, where I am meant to be right now. My journey continues, onwards and upwards, yes there may be pauses, but this is the nature of life, and I am so glad to create a place for creatives to shine, a true Platform.

So, thank you. Stick with me please, who knows where this platform will lead. I promise not to be boring or nearly as long winded. You dig? Meanwhile, enjoy the view, it really is something to behold from where I’m at.
Platform09 welcomes you & thanks you in advance …
Imaan C. Mac Quena

Lions Head image courtesy | National Geographic

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