Change. The 1 true constant. The 1 thing we can rely on, just as much as we can rely on the fact that: no matter what you think, we are always able to choose. I say, even those who refuse to change are still living up to our constant: staying the same is a choice too!

Train station platforms. Too many want to make a mark. People are always arriving, leaving and meeting for the 1st time or settling down. Constant influences, that shape our communities, leaving an impression, ultimately forging cultures.


So I think it’s those people who are willing to be transformed and willing to do the transforming who reap the rewards.

Each day, thousands of invites to projects, performances, parties and protests go out from people you don’t know, to people they thought they knew. The machine turns. So many want to make a mark, change my mind.

Lets admit: FOMO gets you interested. Curiosity gets you calling up company – and then? Who do we miss? What did we leave behind? How much can I ignore? Where do I begin again!? I reckon it’s the same for all of us. We light up when we are presented with genuine art and honest expression. So now, go ahead and trust me to be myself, to affect the change that I want to see and interrogate change fakers, investigate change makers and rahrah at the new change game slayers.

P L A T F O R M 09 is casting light on young individuals celebrating uniqueness with creative expression. Visit regularly will you?

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